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Pro Health and Rehab & MediGYM Offers Professional Services & Great Staff


Pro Health and Rehab & MediGYM delivers a highly personalised service with the individuals needs, health fitness levels and goals being a priority. A friendly environment has been created where current research can be applied in a practical session, maximising benefits available to the client.

Vision Statement: Pro Health and Rehab & MediGYM continues to stay true to its inception by providing the latest in research for 50s plus fitness and health. Personalised programs are tailored for each person and/or their health condition. We continue to provide a service for people to achieve their maximal functional capacity and well-being.  This may be for general health and/or considering medical needs. We are committed to building a stronger community, one person at a time.

Have all your questions answered by calling us on (678) 567 – 2313.


Benefits of Joining Us

  • Your tailor made program & advice from our qualified health experts guarantee you results
  • Comfortably exercise at your own level
  • Enjoy the GREAT HEALTH that YOU deserve

Looking for results? Call us today on (678) 567 – 2313.

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